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Tunisia is the most important olive-growing country of the southern Mediterranean
region; over 30% of its cultivated land (a huge 1.68 million ha) is dedicated solely to
growing olives. Excluding the European Union, it is the major world power in the olive
oil sector. Olivoilo offers varieties of olives with different tastes :

  1. The olives of Chétoui : give a fruity oil with intense aromas of green almond accompanied with a bitter and pungent taste perceived with a medium intensity to strong.

  2. The olives of Chemlali : is the most common cultivar in the central and southern regions of Tunisia. It is resistant to drought and very cold hardy. Chemlali is self fertile and begins to bear early. It is a constant intermediate producer. The oil has a mild, fruity flavor that stands alone or blends well with other varieties.

  3. The olives of Arbequina :  is a cultivar of olives. The fruit is highly aromatic, small, symmetrical and dark brown, Oils made from Arbequina are generally buttery, fruity, and very mild in flavor, being low in polyphones. The combination of low polyphone levels and high levels of polyunsaturated fat as compared with other olive cultivars
    means that it has relatively low stability and short shelf-life.
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