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Olivoilo provides custom made coupages based on our different variety of olives all grown
under the Mediterranean sun . Whether you are looking for a bitter, pungent or fruity taste of
olive oil or you wish to blend it . Olivoilo can make this happen .We offer our clients the
opportunity to choose and control the taste of his olive oil. Your wish is real with us .
First we invite you to know more about the characteristics of the olive oil :

– Bitter
Yes, bitter is good. Bitterness is a characteristic of fresh olive oil. Olives
are bitter. The degree of bitterness depends on how ripe the olive is. So a
bitter olive oil is a positive thing. However, depending on your taste you
may want to find an olive oil that has a balance of fruity and bitter that
you can tolerate.

– Pungent
This is a peppery characteristic that you will feel at the back of your throat
when you swallow the oil. You may even cough. Many people think this is
bad but it is not, it is actually of olive oil from unripe olives and of fresh
olive oil. It also signifies the presence of certain antioxidants. And
remember this peppery sensation should go away fairly quickly, it should
not linger.

– Fruity
Let’s not forget that olives are fruit so a good olive oil needs to have some
degree of fruitiness. This can come from ripe olives or unripe (green)
olives. Olive oil should taste fresh, not heavy and “oily”.

If you want to control one of the characterictics or blend it with olivolio this is
possible .

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