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> Weather :

The quality of any Olive Oil starts from the weather environment in which the olive tree lives. The amount of sun it catches every day, the humidity, the rain falls per square meter per year make the difference. Too much water and the olives will contain more water than they should. Not enough water will make the olives dry and having almost no water.

OlivoilO olive oil comes from Olives growing in a Perfect Mediterranean Climate: In the center of Tunisia, miles from the Mediterranean sea. This the land of Origin of Olive Trees and it is well the Olive tree grows the best, and gives the Best Olive Oil ever.

Origin of “Olivoilo” Olive Oil : Tunisia

> The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree variety, and age are crucial to the quality of the Oil. Ours Trees are Large, Tall, and and mature. Most of the Olive Trees we use to get our Oil are aged at around 100 years. Some have more than 500 years even 1000 years old, and have been giving the Best Olive Oil  to many generations.

> Hand harvest :

In some countries the industrialization, the course to productivity is making the Olive Tree sector 100% industrialized, to the detriment of Good Quality. The best example is Spanish Olive Oil, the largest producer in Volume but in terms of quality specialists may not rank it as the best Country to produce Olive Oil. In Tunisia where our Olive Oil is produced, the process remains natural and Olives are harvested by Hand which is the best way for the Tree. The way olives are harvested in Spain or Italy shakes the tree with violence and stresses it for a better productivity, but a stressed Tree does not give you the Best Olive Oil.

Just like a stressed cow won’t give you the Best meat. OlivoilO respects the nature; and the nature will give it back to you. We respect the Olive Tree and it gives us back one of the Best Olives and Olive Oil in the world.

> Optimized Storage of Olives :

Once man and women harvest the olives; by the hands, we store the olives in large bags made out of Jute Textile garment. We store them in a dark and dry environment, protected from the heat of the sunand from the humidity of the air. We do it immediately, thus to fight against Olive Oil Biggest enemies : Light, Air, and Heat.

> Same day Crush (6 hours after harvest) :

Olive oil specialists recognize that the Best Olive Oil in the world are obtained by crushing Fresh Olives that have been kindly protected from Light, Air and Heat. This is why OlivoilO makes sure that its Olives that have been harvested and carefully stored, are crushed the same day. Usually workers pick up olives from 8am to 6pm. We can start selecting the best olives, and cold crushing them at 8pm, same day. Crushing fom 8pm until early morning 4am, preserves the oil from the Sun light and heat. This is crucial to obtain a Premium Olive Oil. We can afford this because of the organization of our process, and the proximity of our Press to the Olive Fields (miles away).

> 1st Cold Press :

Anyone that is familiar with Olive Oil can tell you. The 1st Cold press output is the Golden Olive Oil. Anything coming from heated olives or adding water or even worst chemicals results in a poor olive oil that has already lost its chemical healthy properties before even it gets into your plate. OlivoilO olive oil comes from Cold 1st pressed Olives.


> 100% Natural :

The way we crush our olives is the same way past generations made : 100% Natural, without adding anything to the Olives while pressing them. Not even water. Because adding water will give more olive oil but poor quality as the health benefits stored in olives such as polyphenol are taken off when you add water to the crushing cycle. Global specialists in olive oil noticed that many of Italian Olive oil for example has added chemical artificial chlorophyll in it. The taste may be similar to natural olive oil but the health benefit is definitely not. Natural is healthy, Tasty and Good. We only process our Olives 100% naturally from the beginning to the end of the crushing cycle.

> World best standards Pool :

After crushing our Olive the obtain a premium olive oil, OlivoilO oil is stored in our wolrd highest quality standards pool that is in dark, dry and cold room, made with special tiles keeping the health benefit of the olive oil before it gets into the bottle.

> Glass Bottles and Metal Tins :

We only use the best type of packing which will keep OlivoilO Olive oil fresh, healthy and tasty for long time. We use Dark Glass bottles, or Metallic tin that will preserve the oil from the Sun light, the Heat and the air and humidity. Other olive oils are bottled in transparent glass or PET bottles is very bad for the oil as it lets the heat and the light go through and damage the oil. Even worst with PET that gets the plastic and the oil melted down once the bottle is heated. We simply use the best packages that protects our olive oil from its enemies : Light, Heat, Air.

>> Through this series of careful steps, we make sure at every step that we will obtain the best Olive Oil possible, and protect it from being damaged from its enemies : Heat, Light, Air.

> Varieties : Chetoui (bitter, spicy taste, low and stable acidity) , Chemlali (spicy, fruity taste, low and stable acidity), Arbequina (smooth taste, low but unstable acidity)

> History : 3000 Years

History of our press : Since 19Th century (More than 125 years of experience crushing Ultra Premium Olive Oil from Tunisia)

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